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Meet Dr. Ron Uppal

Chiropractic is not only about back pain, but it is a necessary facet of your life just as eating, breathing and exercising are. Chiropractic is a natural, preventative avenue that allows for your body to take care of itself. You don’t really need anything from the outside to take care of you as long as you maintain yourself and allow the brain and the nervous system to communicate with each other. My goal is to get you well and then keep you well.

Choosing Chiropractic — the Perfect Fit

I’ve always believed in natural healing and chose chiropractic because I think that the body itself is the most effective healing tool. Even as a child, I never took prescription medications. Because I believe motion is life, it was a natural fit to study movement. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from Simon Fraser University.

As much of my education focused on physiology and anatomy, my undergraduate coursework provided a strong foundation for my chiropractic studies. I was able to apply what I learned to some type of health care. Chiropractic was the perfect fit for me.

I attended Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, Calif. I chose Life because of its philosophy: the energy inside us is what takes care of us as long as we give it the right tools. While at Life, I was part of a fraternity that promoted health and well-being through the principles of chiropractic.


Helping Others Achieve Wellness

I enjoy taking care of people and improving health versus suppressing sickness. It’s my goal to help you get better so you can live a better life. Communicating with people that natural health care should be part of their life is something I regularly do. Regardless of age, chiropractic should be part of your wellness arsenal. It’s not about pain; it’s about well-being.

Because of the various techniques I learned, I can custom-tailor care to each patient to get them well. Dr. Ron is qualified for prenatal and pediatric care. In addition, I focus a lot on postural work and have training in orthotics and overall family wellness care.

Living a Healthy, Active Life

I practice what I preach to my patients by staying active, eating right and being positive. My wife Tina and I love to work out and do yoga several times a week. My family, which includes our beautiful children Mayan and Millen, have all been under chiropractic care, and we live the philosophy that whatever made the body heals the body. I also enjoy coaching my kids’ sports teams as well as reading about positivity and spirituality. I also enjoy hanging out with my family.

If you’re ready to get well and stay well, I encourage you to contact our office today to schedule an appointment with me!


Nicky Dhadda, RMT

Nicky grew up in Vancouver, graduating from Simon Fraser University with bachelors in psychology. From an early age, Nicky knew she wanted to help others. Soon after she decided to pursue her dream in becoming a massage therapist. She graduated from Vancouver College of Massage therapy with an intensive 3000-hour program.

As a Registered Massage Therapist, Nicky feels incredibly grateful to be able to help others gain and maintain pain free range of motion. Her diversity in techniques allows her to work with variety of conditions. Her emphasis is building a therapist-patient approach during treatments, where the patient and therapist work together in providing the best treatment plan. Nicky believes that education, along with regular maintenance, is the foundation to patients achieving lasting effects. To accomplish this, Nicky provides her patients with remedial exercises and stretches for patients to do at home.

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Alnee-Yvonne Spurr, RMT

Yvonne will be starting November 13th

Yvonne completed the Registered Massage Therapy program at Vancouver Career College. She made it her priority to help support her patients in restoring strength, flexibility, and balance in areas of pain and injury. To achieve her patient goals she combines an array of techniques including, but not limited to: thorough assessment, fascial manipulation, swedish massage, specific deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, active release, joint mobilizations, and muscle energy techniques. As she seeks to nurture her practice through continuing education, she strives to integrate new knowledge and modalities into her treatments.


Growing up, Yvonne was a musician turned high-school athlete, developing at an early age a knack for fine digital motor movement and control. With her early background in gymnastics, as well as competitive sports, she aims to educate her patients on the importance of post-treatment home care to prevent or restore dysfunctions and postural/muscle imbalances.


In her spare time, you can expect to find Yvonne working out in the gym, riding her bike, or spending the afternoon playing billiards. She loves to make music, hike new trails, and utilize the benefits of massages herself.


With her passion for anatomy and massage therapy, Yvonne is excited to work together with you to help get you started on your journey back to optimal health.

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